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Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

"HE CHA!" Published on monday 13 july 2020 Liu Shuili, one of Zhang s tea ambassador 1200 900 in her teashop, in Jinghong 1200 900 a peaceful and harmonious place 1200 900 With Li Miao in Beijing 1200 900 tasting his family's oolong teas 1200 900 very good time! 1200 900 With Zhang in his shop 1200 798 the estate is ensured 982 1000 In Naka 1200 798 tasting the spring Mao Cha some years ago 1000 750 2010, dry season, almost no tea... bad times... 1200 900 With Liu Qin 1200 900 and her son Huang Jian 1200 798 tea art and Jianshui pottery 665 1000 With XU Hong Bo in Simao 1200 798 in Youle 1200 900 in Yibang 1200 900 and even in Phonsali : so many trips together! 1200 900 Su Jian in Kunming, Pu'Erh tea for collectors 750 1000 At Zhong He and Ming, working 1200 900 and enjoying tea 1200 900 In Yibang 1200 900 In Bama 1200 900 Nannuo Mountains 1200 798 A little tired? 1200 900 Huang Piao, in Ning er, 1200 900 old fashion man 1200 900 we learned so much from him 1200 900 In Jianshui Old GateTea House 1200 800 long time ago, in 2006, it was a popular place 1200 854 Manzhuang 1200 761 after the tea session 1200 803 With Le DI 1200 797 In Menghai 1200 900 and in Nannuo Shan 1200 900 at her family 1200 900 waiting for the water to warm 750 1000 Youle 1200 798 1200 798 in Ban Po (nandou Mountain) 1200 900 the little house in the tea forest 1200 900 Hani style tea 1200 900 In Lao Man E 1200 900 Yakou zhai 1200 900 Gua Feng Zhai 1200 900 Mannuo...crossing the Pu'Erh tea mountains 1200 900 And some times notably tea... in Jingmai for example! 1200 900
During 15 years of work and travel in Yunnan, we tasted tea in (almost) all conditions!
From "Gong Fu Cha" practiced in the rules of the art, to the blind tastings, passing by the meticulous comparisons of "crus": these are tens of hours spent at the tea table with our partners during each trip, then again in our own tea space when we return to France. How did the leaves support the press? The journey? Then: how do our cakes evolve over the years?
Here are the tasting times.

But there are also all the other moments where we taste, sometimes almost in a hurry, a tea in the mountains, at the chance of an encounter, an unexpected stop, and where we would especially not want to miss the rare bird...
Sometimes it takes a lot of daring to start buying! At least: you have to trust your instinct or experience.
Most often, we leave with a small bag of Mao Cha, just a few kilos, as we would bring back postcards from the journey...  "let s try" we say!
By chance... we've almost always had nice surprises.

Finally, there are all these times when people call us, in tea markets for example: "Where do you come from? What are you doing here? Tea? Come on"!
He Cha! (Let's drink tea): occasions of simple conviviality, without any obligation, that we do not refuse.

Here is an anthology of these moments that are so many good memories... while waiting for the next sessions that we hope all close!
Have a good time looking at these pictures...with a cup of tea, of course.