Our concept : respect for people, production and soils.

We present here our selection of Pu'Erh teas and other famous Yunnan teas: black teas, green teas, white teas, as well as some oolong teas. Every year we spend several months in the mountains of southern China to choose and produce them with partner families. You will also find in the shop handicrafts and accessories for tasting discovered during our travels.

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Green Pu'Erh


TdC BINGDAO 2023, old trees. "Terre de Ciel" raw Pu'Erh cake - 100 gr. Organic Bingdao is one of the most famous terroirs of Mengku region (southwest Lincang) and the cradle of the famous "Mengku big leaf tea"cultivar. Located at a relatively low altitude (1300 m) Bingdao enjoys a particularly warm, sunny and dry climate during the spring season. This gives the tea a deep qi and dense aromas.The Mao Cha of this cake was harvested in spring 2023 on old trees (about 150 years old) around the ancient Bingdao village. It is with great pleasure that we present again a Pu'Erh from this place we discovered in 2014.

Galette 100 gr
26.00 € TTC

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Black Teas


10.00 € TTC

Green Pu'Erh


Galette 100 gr
23.00 € TTC

Ripe Pu'Erh


Galette 200 gr
43.00 € TTC
New Year and spring season are coming in Asia!

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, there is a special selection in "Collectors" corner:
2010 Bang Wai sheng Pu'Erh- 100 gr cake
2018 Jingmai old tea trees ripe Pu'Erh- 357 gr cake
There is only one piece of each.
And there are only 3 "Terre de Ciel Mahei 2020" sheng Pu'er tea cakes and 3 packets of Mr Zhang's black tea from Thailand: don't miss....
龙年吉祥 – lóng nián jí xiáng:may the year of the dragon be auspicious to you! 
We wish you pleasant moments with our genuine teas!
Dominique and Aude

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Here are some simple tips to introduce you to Pu'Erh tea.

Travel journals and news


Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

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2024 In the Dragon's eyes

With the new moon of February 10, the Asian world enters the year of the Wood Dragon.
Published on saturday 10 february 2024
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Les Thés Terre de Ciel "since" 2005

For those who do not know us yet or would like to know us better: we are Aude and Dominique, founders of Teas Terre de Ciel. Present in Yunnan since 2005, we decided to produce Pu'erh cakes under our own brand to share with you "in the cup" our passion for tea, gardens of old theiers, our meetings, our favorites.
Published on tuesday 23 january 2024
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2023 Rideau!

2023 runs towards its end, dragging in its wake a strange melody. In this festive period, time slips, in a curious mixture of turbulence and decay. For so many people, it was a year of war and bloodstained devastation. Here, it's like a world unraveling. For us, it was a question of holding our course, among many questions. - Do not lose sight of t
Published on wednesday 20 december 2023
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Brèves "des thés"

Summer ended under a majestic sun that persists in early autumn. "Indian Summer" or tropical weather, we are in the mood but rain is missing. This is probably what made us want to send you these pictures of whitewater. From the Massif de Néouvielle (Hautes Pyrennées) to the Mediterranean shore (Gruissan) here are some snapshots of our getaways, our
Published on thursday 28 september 2023
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Mensong vieux arbres: a new2023 Pu'Erh tea

Thés PU'ERH Terre de Ciel Mensong 2023 .A tea from a new remote and high altitude garde
Published on saturday 12 august 2023
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Back from the Gong Fu Cha Festival, we are full of the beautiful energy generated by these days. The dreamlike setting of the Parc aux Bambous de Lapenne (Ariège) is a magical place in which the sharing of tea, ceramic creations and Chinese arts was evident. In this vast green and flowery space where one can move in fluidity, take a few steps to th
Published on friday 30 june 2023
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Hello everyone We are pleased to inform you that we will participate in the Chinese Cultural Tea Festival "Gong Fu Cha", Lapenne in Ariège (Between Mirepoix and Pamiers, see map below) This happens in the beautiful Bamboo Park next weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (23, 24, 25 June) Come make yourself happy, meet us and enjoy tea! Here is the pr
Published on friday 16 june 2023