Our concept : respect for people, production and soils.

We present here our selection of Pu'Erh teas and other famous Yunnan teas: black teas, green teas, white teas, as well as some oolong teas. Every year we spend several months in the mountains of southern China to choose and produce them with partner families. You will also find in the shop handicrafts and accessories for tasting discovered during our travels.

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NANNUO SHAN - Harvested in Spring 2013, 2014 pressed -100 gr. Terre de Ciel raw Pu'Erh cake. Only 2 cakes available This cake is made of spring 2013' s mao cha from old tea trees of Bama area (in Nannuo mountains). We left leaves for a year in Xishuangbanna and cakes were pressed in April 2014 in Jinghong. One of our "classics", onmy two cakes available.

Galette 100 gr
25.00 € TTC

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35.00 € TTC


92.00 € TTC

TdC-YOULE 2011

Galette 250 gr
56.00 € TTC

This week, focus on  some Pu'Erh "collector".

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Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

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"Loy Krathong" Buddhist festival of November full moon took place on Tuesday 8th . " Loy Krathong" or "floating raft" is celebrated by releasing small boats carrying flowers, candles and incense sticks on rivers or lakes. This marks devotion to the Buddha and also symbolizes the dropout of grudges, anger and faults. It is a ritual of purification.
Published on monday 14 november 2022
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Echappée belle

Living "South of the clouds". After a laborious summer, dedicated to settling in our new place, we are now "South of the clouds"* and at work. It's time to go back to the tea table - and at office too! The traditional fall rains have only touched our place for the moment. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain a conducive atmosphere for our Pu'Erh tea
Published on friday 07 october 2022
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"Summer in Siam" : three teas from Thailand

Mr Zhang gave us a very nice surprise: unexpectedly, a small parcel arrived from Thailand. In the box: three teas he produced in the mountains (north part of the country, close to the Burmese border) with a family we know. Spicy, smooth and fruity 2022 black tea (with a special longane fragrance) Flowery, fresh and velvety 2022 "Yue Guang Bai" whit
Published on monday 11 july 2022
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Chronique en images

In the coming weeks, we are going to publish a new series of posts more particularly focused on photography. We have imagined small mood tickets to share with you the images that have seduced us or inspired us at a given time. There will also be tea, of course. For this first step, let's start by talking about photography in the Middle Kingdom. Pho
Published on thursday 23 june 2022
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Les Thés Terre de Ciel déménagent

Published on wednesday 20 april 2022
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The spring harvest season began in Yunnan. After big rain, it is very hot now in Xishuangbanna. Some teas from plantations and young tea trees are now available. For old trees harvests, it will take another two or three weeks dixit Chen Yun Ming; so in Mengsong or Naka. For us as for many people (including Chinese) and for the third consecutive yea
Published on thursday 17 march 2022
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Three"Collector" cakes coming from Yunnan

The Chinese New Year's celebrations are over, activities are resuming their ordinary course - especially shipping. Normally, outside of the "health crisis", we would be packing our bags, waiting for our visas and fine-tuning our itineraries. The return to Yunnan would not be far. We'll have to wait a little longer to get back on those roads. "La pa
Published on friday 11 february 2022