Our concept : respect for people, production and soils.

We present here our selection of Pu'Erh teas and other famous Yunnan teas: black teas, green teas, white teas, as well as some oolong teas. Every year we spend several months in the mountains of southern China to choose and produce them with partner families. You will also find in the shop handicrafts and accessories for tasting discovered during our travels.

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Green Pu'Erh

TdC-NAKA 2012

NAKA - Spring Harvested in spring 2012, 2013 pressed- 200 gr. Terre de Ciel raw Pu'Erh tea cake 

Galette 200 gr
44.00 € TTC

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Green Pu'Erh

TdC-YOULE 2012

Galette 200 gr
39.50 € TTC

Green Pu'Erh


Galette 100 gr
18.50 € TTC

Green Pu'Erh


Galette 250 gr
39.00 € TTC
We are in Yunnan for spring harvest. If you have any special request, please feel free to contact us by email. And don t miss the promotions in our shop!

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Here are some simple tips to introduce you to Pu'Erh tea.

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Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

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Terre de Ciel : 2019 first Pu'Erh teas

As far as "Po Shui Jie" (water festival and Dai new year ) festival is in full swing, with its cohorts of tourists from all over China and its high-profile events, we go on travelling on the tea roads . It's good to get away from Jinghong! In the Great Mountains As often, we started the trip in the Six Mountains, Manzhuang and Yibang. We really wan
Published on monday 15 april 2019
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Nous sommes de retour au Yunnan et après le traditionnel passage à Kunming, nous voici au Xishuangbanna pour produire nos Pu'Erh Sheng de la saison 2019. Une grande sécheresse, des cueillettes très retardées, très peu de thé des vieux arbres (avec pour corollaire des prix encore en hausse): dire que la situation est compliquée, c'est peu. Mais selo
Published on wednesday 03 april 2019
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2009 / 2019 : Les Pu'Erh "Terre de Ciel" ont dix a

The spring is looming and for us, once again, that means it s time to go back to Yunnan. In two weeks, we will land in Kunming and head back to the Pu'Erh tea mountains. "Once again": but always with enthusiasm; it will be such a great pleasure to meet our dear friend s again, to go back to the blue mountains, share long tasting sessions... And the
Published on monday 11 march 2019
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The Year of the Pig began on Tuesday, February 5.The Pig (in Chinese 豬: zhū) is the twelfth animal of the Chinese zodiac, also called Wild Boar, Pork or Bear.According to Chinese astrology, the pig is considered very positive. In Chinese, the character "pig" added to the character "roof" gives the word "house". Thus, in ancient traditions, every ho
Published on thursday 07 february 2019
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To all of you who support our work and share with us the passion of tea, we wish a beautiful journey through the days of the new year. We would like to thank you again for your interest in our project, your support, your confidence and all the experiences you share with us. In these troubled times, let us shed light on our days, to begin the year i
Published on wednesday 09 january 2019
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1- Les Pu'Erh sheng de Zhang Jia Zhao - Nannuo Shan, Terroir de Bama, Roi des Théiers 2009. Un des fleurons de la production de Zhang dans ses débuts, magnifique galette peu compressée. 357 gr, Pu'Erh sheng (vert) notes de dégustation dans "La Collection".. Galette légèrement écornée...d'ou son prix attractif. 90 €- VENDUE - Manjing 2010 (village d
Published on tuesday 13 november 2018
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Bonjour à tous, Nous serons à Lauris le week-end des 1er et 2 décembre pour notre traditionnel "Petit Marché de Noël": exposition de thés, objets de Chine et du Laos, photographies... Nous espérons avoir le plaisir de vous retrouver nombreux dans l'atmosphère chaleureuse du Grand Jardin pour échanger nouvelles et impressions de voyages, autour de q
Published on tuesday 06 november 2018