Our concept : respect for people, production and soils.

We present here our selection of Pu'Erh teas and other famous Yunnan teas: black teas, green teas, white teas, as well as some oolong teas. Every year we spend several months in the mountains of southern China to choose and produce them with partner families. You will also find in the shop handicrafts and accessories for tasting discovered during our travels.

Our suggestions

Green Pu'Erh


This set groups two Terre de Ciel sheng Pu'Erh from Lincang area:
Bai Yin Shan 2020
Matai 2022
Coming from geographically close areas, they however present two very distinct sets of characteristics.
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44.00 € TTC

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Black Teas


10.00 € TTC

Ripe Pu'Erh


Galette 357 gr
86.00 € TTC
New products are online: Thailand black tea, Lincang wild black tea, Mensong Mao Cha. our homemade blends, white eta and rosebuds, black tea ans osmanthus flowers are available now. And there will be new Pu'Erh teacakes in Collector's corner very soon.
We are pleased to announce the opening of an pop-up space on our online store: «the Chinese Brocante». You will discover some collector's items selected a few years ago during our travels for our Provencal gallery:"Galerie Yunnan. Feel free to contact us for any question and especially to reserve your objects.Beautiful original gifts!
We wish you pleasant moments with our genuine teas!

Know, choose, prepare...

Here are some simple tips to introduce you to Pu'Erh tea.

Travel journals and news


Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

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Brèves "des thés"

Summer ended under a majestic sun that persists in early autumn. "Indian Summer" or tropical weather, we are in the mood but rain is missing. This is probably what made us want to send you these pictures of whitewater. From the Massif de Néouvielle (Hautes Pyrennées) to the Mediterranean shore (Gruissan) here are some snapshots of our getaways, our
Published on thursday 28 september 2023
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Mensong vieux arbres: a new2023 Pu'Erh tea

Thés PU'ERH Terre de Ciel Mensong 2023 .A tea from a new remote and high altitude garde
Published on saturday 12 august 2023
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Back from the Gong Fu Cha Festival, we are full of the beautiful energy generated by these days. The dreamlike setting of the Parc aux Bambous de Lapenne (Ariège) is a magical place in which the sharing of tea, ceramic creations and Chinese arts was evident. In this vast green and flowery space where one can move in fluidity, take a few steps to th
Published on friday 30 june 2023
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Hello everyone We are pleased to inform you that we will participate in the Chinese Cultural Tea Festival "Gong Fu Cha", Lapenne in Ariège (Between Mirepoix and Pamiers, see map below) This happens in the beautiful Bamboo Park next weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (23, 24, 25 June) Come make yourself happy, meet us and enjoy tea! Here is the pr
Published on friday 16 june 2023
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This idea came to us: take out and sort all the cakes that we produced under our brand: "Les Thés Terre de Ciel". They are the fruits of our collaboration with faithful partners met during our journeys in Yunnan: tea growers and tea masters. For the most part, we have not lost sight of them. Those cakes bear witness to our history, our learnings an
Published on friday 26 may 2023
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"Anti Tie Guan Yin": a oolong to know.

Processing Oolong is long and complex. It requires special know-how. The complexity and aromatic "finesse" of these teas comes in particular from these successive actions, which stem from a long tradition. Softness and harshness alternate to produce a remarkable tea. So this is how our "Tie Guan Yin" is made. See pictures ... PICKING (Cai Qing) The
Published on thursday 20 april 2023
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The harvest of old tea trees has finally begun in Xishuangbanna. We start to consider the 2023 Pu'Erh Terre de Ciel vintage: soon, our first samples will leave Yunnan and take the path of Greffeil. Another spring's tradition : we have taken out some cakes from our reserves to offer you new discoveries, new tasting experiences. It is not so easy to
Published on wednesday 22 march 2023