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We present here our selection of Pu'Erh teas and other famous Yunnan teas: black teas, green teas, white teas, as well as some oolong teas. Every year we spend several months in the mountains of southern China to choose and produce them with partner families. You will also find in the shop handicrafts and accessories for tasting discovered during our travels.

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Green Pu'Erh

TdC-NAKA 2012

TdC NAKA - Spring Harvested in spring 2012, 2013 pressed- Raw Pu'Erh tea cake. People call Naka "The Mengsong's Lao Ban Zhang". Naka raw Pu'Erh offers subtle flowery and fruity aromas enriched by 8 years of aging

Galette 200 gr
44.00 € TTC

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Green Pu'Erh


Galette 357 gr
85.00 € TTC


20.00 € TTC

Green Pu'Erh


Galette 100 gr
19.50 € TTC

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This period of great summer heat offers us the opportunity to test the refreshing properties of Pu 'Erh "sheng" (green), its ability to literally take the excess heat out of the body.
Want to try it? Go to La Boutique and check out our selection, some Six Mountains terroirs are on sale this week. 
We wish you pleasant moments with our teas.
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Here are some simple tips to introduce you to Pu'Erh tea.

Travel journals and news


Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

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While, according to its calendar, China is about to enter on 8th of August in the autumn season, and south of the country undergoes the assaults of a very harsh rainy season, we here reach the highest point of the European summer, overwhelmed by the heat wave. "Je m'assoupis Un nuage de canicule Sur les genoux" dirait Issa. We look for freshness ev
Published on friday 31 july 2020
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During 15 years of work and travel in Yunnan, we tasted tea in (almost) all conditions! From "Gong Fu Cha" practiced in the rules of the art, to the blind tastings, passing by the meticulous comparisons of "crus": these are tens of hours spent at the tea table with our partners during each trip, then again in our own tea space when we return to Fra
Published on monday 13 july 2020
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Among our partner-friends, Xu Hong Bo is the one with whom we most crisscrossed the mountains of Yunnan (Pu'Erh prefecture, Lincang, Jingdong, areas and Burma's boarder) and also northern Laos in Phongsaly terroir. Visits to the venerable tea trees in Qanjiazhai or Kunlu Shan, long walks in the forests and tea gardens, countless hours to bump in hi
Published on monday 01 june 2020
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Quelques nouvelles de la saison de printemps. Le premier Pu'Erh "sheng" (vert) Terre de Ciel du millésime 2020 sera une "Danzhu" (cueillette réservée) issue de deux très vieux théiers de Jingmai, terroir de Nuogang. Les galettes seront pressées lors de notre prochain séjour au Yunnan, à l'automne nous l'espérons. Au total, moins de 3 kilos ont été
Published on thursday 07 may 2020
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In China and South East Asia, April is a time marked by great traditional celebrations. Yunnan (which has no less than 25 different minorities) is particularly festive. Indeed, several important groups such as the "Dai", the "Bulang", the "Bai" in Dalí area, celebrate their New Year; the "Hani" in Nannuo Mountains organize a festival centered on th
Published on wednesday 15 april 2020
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As usual, this morning we should have landed at Kunming after long flying hours and one or two transits. 
A little buzzed by these long hours of immobility and confinement in a limited space... what... a limited space? So we would have smiled at the staff, who were waiting, for all the passengers to disembark to clean up the plane. As usual, the st
Published on thursday 26 march 2020
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Daily life is gradually returning to a more normal course in Yunnan. Economic activity is starting up slowly, while schools are still closed. And it is always advisable to stay at home. Kunming Teas Market has slowly resumed its activity since March 2, at least for shipments. On the other hand, most of our friends have not reopened their shops, as
Published on thursday 12 march 2020