Our concept : respect for people, production and terroirs.

Here is our selection of Pu'erh teas (raw and ripe) and other famous Yunnan teas (black teas, green teas, white teas). Since 2005, we travel through the mountains, studying the terroirs, learning to choose and produce our teas. Over the years, we have forged close and faithful relationships with a few partner families. Thus, we can offer you a panel of genuine and high quality teas, rare teas, « grands crus», organic or «nature», rich in health and spirit benefits.
We also offer some oolong teas carefully chosen in the same way in Fujian and Anhui provinces.
You will find in our blog « Among the producers » the story of our trips, our experiences, our discoveries, our advices.

Our suggestions

White Teas


This duo consists of two sachets containing:
- 50 gr of "Silver Needles" white tea
- 50 gr of "Golden buds premium"black tea
Both come from the same family garden located in Xiao Jinggu (Southern Wuliang Mountains, Yunnan) and from an endemic cultivar called "Yang Ta".
It is actually the same tea but in two different states according to the elaboration process. Starting from the same type of leaves and a unique provenance, you will discover the different aromas resulting from these transformations, while enjoying the sweet energy of teas naturally little theminated.A special tasting expérience : try it, share it.

Le duo
21.00 € TTC

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Green Pu'Erh


Sachet 50 gr
11.00 € TTC

Green Pu'Erh


44.00 € TTC

Ripe Pu'Erh


Le mini tong
14.00 € TTC
This week, let s try some: 
- TdC Yunnan Buds Duo : starting from the same type of leaves and a unique provenance, you will discover the different aromas resulting from the transformations, while enjoying the sweet
energy of  little theminated teas. 
- 2023 TdC Purple Pu'Erh: a rich and amazing purple tea
- Our Lincang Sheng Pu'Erh duo: coming from geographically close areas, those Pu'Erh however present two very distinct sets of characteristics.
- Our 2017 Bulang Shan ripe Pu'Erh in mini-tong
A special cake to seize: old Bama trees ( Nannuo Shan) from the 2012 vintage.
Twelve years is a beautiful life cycle: that's why we offer you the opportunity to discover or find these Pu'Erh, among our favorites.
We wish you pleasant moments with our genuine teas!
Dominique and Aude

Know, choose, prepare...

Here are some simple tips to introduce you to Pu'Erh tea.

Travel journals and news


Every year, we go to Yunnan to find the producers and develop with them our Pu'Erh teas.
We share with you our discoveries and our meetings.

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After considering some beneficial aspects of green teas, white teas and green Pu'Erh (raw) now let's look at fermented teas. Particularly famous in the western countries as «fat burning» or promoting digestion, its reputation is not usurped,
Published on sunday 07 april 2024
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As you may have noticed, there is little communication on this site about the health and well-being benefits of tea. Today, we want to share with you some of our findings. There is an abundant bibliography on these subjects that we will neither repeat nor paraphrase. Our purpose is to share a personal experience born of 20 years of practice, with w
Published on tuesday 19 march 2024
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2024 In the Dragon's eyes

With the new moon of February 10, the Asian world enters the year of the Wood Dragon.
Published on saturday 10 february 2024
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Les Thés Terre de Ciel "since" 2005

For those who do not know us yet or would like to know us better: we are Aude and Dominique, founders of Teas Terre de Ciel. Present in Yunnan since 2005, we decided to produce Pu'erh cakes under our own brand to share with you "in the cup" our passion for tea, gardens of old theiers, our meetings, our favorites.
Published on tuesday 23 january 2024
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2023 Rideau!

2023 runs towards its end, dragging in its wake a strange melody. In this festive period, time slips, in a curious mixture of turbulence and decay. For so many people, it was a year of war and bloodstained devastation. Here, it's like a world unraveling. For us, it was a question of holding our course, among many questions. - Do not lose sight of t
Published on wednesday 20 december 2023
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Brèves "des thés"

Summer ended under a majestic sun that persists in early autumn. "Indian Summer" or tropical weather, we are in the mood but rain is missing. This is probably what made us want to send you these pictures of whitewater. From the Massif de Néouvielle (Hautes Pyrennées) to the Mediterranean shore (Gruissan) here are some snapshots of our getaways, our
Published on thursday 28 september 2023
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Mensong vieux arbres: a new2023 Pu'Erh tea

Thés PU'ERH Terre de Ciel Mensong 2023 .A tea from a new remote and high altitude garde
Published on saturday 12 august 2023